5 Signs and Qualities That Make a Great Boyfriend

If you’ve just started dating a new guy over the last few weeks, use these 5 signs and qualities of a great boyfriend as a reference to help you judge whether both of you are a good fit.

These qualities aren’t herculean nor are these expectations from a boyfriend too ambitious. If he is a great guy indeed, then these 5 traits would be deep-rooted within his mind.

If he lacks a few of these 5 signs now, you can talk about it with him. But if he’s missing several qualities pointed out here, you’re probably better off dating someone else!

#1 He communicates. A great boyfriend loves talking to his girlfriend. He has interesting things to talk about even when there’s nothing new. And most importantly, he wants to understand you and he wants you to understand him.

#2 He’s exciting and fun. He’s active and has a fun life of his own. A great boyfriend is almost always a great guy too. He has an active social life, and gets along with people easily. He’s likable and has a warm aura about him that draws people to him.

#3 He’s romantic. A guy may woo a girl until she accepts to date him. But some guys take it easy as soon as they get the girl. Don’t date a guy who takes a back seat and expects you to do all the work as soon as he wins your heart. He won’t change for you because he’s too self centered and selfish.

#4 He sees you. A great boyfriend is one who sees you, and knows you well. Does he notice your new haircut or a new dress when you wear one? If a guy loves you and finds you fascinating, he’d be observant and would easily recognize something new in you.

#5 He’s interested in your life. Does your boyfriend ask you about your life every day? A good boyfriend is always interested to hear about his girlfriend’s life and the things she does every day. It just means he misses you so much, and hearing about your day makes him feel like he hasn’t missed a moment of your life!
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