Most Important Problems You Just Can't Ignore

Long-term relationships are great. They're my favorite. Can't get enough.

Most of the time, being with someone for an extended period of time means you're doing something right and that, for all intents and purposes, you have a good groove going and are fulfilling one another.

However, nothing is perfect, and even the most solid rocks are subject to a few cracks. 

There are a few issues that can start as slow, baby toxicities that leak into your romantic life. And if you don't address those things, nine times out of 10, it leads to some scary, uncomfortable conversations that can be tempting to avoid.

Listen, don't do avoid them. Talk this stuff out. You'll thank me.

Here are some important things you can't keep shoving under the rug in long-term relationships:

How you feel about your futures

Honey boo boo child, trust me, if they say they don't see themselves getting married or wanting kids in the future, they aren't going to get married or want kids in the future.

And of course, that's totally FINE. You just have to make sure you're on the same page about your futures before embarking on a journey you think has “forever” written on it.

Likewise, if one of you sees themselves traveling the world until they're rotten and dead, and the other sees themselves dying in their house surrounded by 19 children and 100 grandkids, don't ignore that either.

By letting these things slide, you are essentially and effectively wasting one another's time, and keeping one another from the life (and person!) you actually want to be with.

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