Ways to be the man every girl dreams of

How to be the man all girls dream? This is the question that has been worrying the minds of mankind for hundreds of years. Who is the real man? We hear about him from everywhere, from the very first years of conscious life, no matter who you are – a man or a woman. A certain ideal of masculinity makes the boys tend to the unclear images created by mass culture. Today, we and russian brides (relationship experts) will help you understand who is a real man.

He is self-confident

Ask 100 different girls how the man of their dreams should look like, and the vast majority of them will answer that he must be self-confident. He has to be not beautiful, not rich and not even sexy! First of all, he must radiate confidence in himself and his actions. Women feel most comfortable next to such men. If you, unfortunately, don’t have this quality – don’t be upset. The main thing here is that you shouldn’t try to pretend. Girls feel false and will unlikely appreciate your attempts to please them.

He is responsible

If you made a mistake, you have to take full responsibility for your own sins. Real men always take full responsibility for everything they do. A man who blames his girlfriend or wife can’t cause any sympathy. He has to analyze his behavior and decide how he can change it so that such situations will not happen in the future.

He is the leader

If you want to be a real man, you need to show leadership. If the leader encounters some problem, he simply has to take the lead and solve it immediately. Women admire those who meet the challenge and don’t like those who passively stand aside and wait for someone to do it.

He has sense of humor

This is the quality that can rightly compete for the first place in the answer to the question: “How to be a man all girls dream?”. As you all know very well, girls love with their ears. Of course, there is nothing sweeter for women’s ears than gentle words and beautiful compliments. It is important to remember one more simple rule: the man who managed to amuse his interlocutor has already gained her sympathy!

He is positive

Very often men try to criticize instead of praise someone. A real man shouldn’t be afraid to show positive emotions. Learn to thank people and tell women nice things – this will make you the life of the party.
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